Materials and Products

G.L. Williams & Daughter Trucking produces SCDOT-approved fine aggregate, sand clay, mortar sand, topsoil, compost and more. Arena sands and specialty sands also are available. You can come to us, and we’ll load your trucks. If you have at least a 7-ton order, G.L. Williams & Daughter provides fast, dependable material hauling for whatever you need.

front loader and truck excavating land

Material Hauling for Homeowners

Residential customers often know what they need but don’t have the means to get it there. That’s OK because we provide dependable material, sand and gravel hauling for large orders. Maybe you just need some topsoil for your garden or whitewash sand for your kids’ sandbox. Come see us, and we’ll fill the bed of your truck.

Commercial Gravel Hauling

For more than half a century, G.L. Williams & Daughter has been the preferred material and gravel hauling company for commercial projects. We provide crusher run, asphalt, egg rock and stones of all sizes that are used in railroads, roadwork, septic systems, commercial construction and more. Contractors for projects of all sizes rely on us for all their material hauling needs. We also supply material for the large equine community in the area.

front loader and truck excavating land


Sand Clay

Foundations, driveways, ballfields, concrete pads, backfill and site prep. Used by contractors.


Topsoil richer than brown fill. Good for gardens, flower beds and yards.

Whitewash Sand

Washed sand that is off-white. Used for Mortar sand, horse arenas, playgrounds, sandboxes, golf courses and volleyball courts.

Compost – Screened

Good for gardens, flower beds and yards.

Visit Purebred Compost to learn more.

Masonry Sand

Orange-tan color, good for laying brick or block.


Used for pond linings and dams.

Crusher Run

Crushed granite with rock dust mixed in for packing. Used for driveways and roadways. foundations for highways and structures. Cement treated base.

#89 Stone

3/8” & down. Used for walkways, driveways and cemetery gravel.

#57 Stone

1–1½” stone. Used for septic tanks, drain lines and driveways.

Egg Rock

White/tan pebble-type stones, available in 2-3″ egg rock size. Used in decorative driveways and flower beds.

Recycled Asphalt

Great for driveways, packs well; environmentally friendly alternative to granite.

Rip Rap

Football to basketball size. Erosion Control, slope stability, landscaping, and channel flow control.


Rock dust or crushed rock fines. Used in horse arenas, horse stalls and for laying pavers.

#4 Stone

2–3” stone. Used for construction entrances, driveway drainage and railroads.

Recycled Concrete

Environmentally friendly alternative to Crusher Run – used for driveways and roadways, packs well.

We have the material you need

Whatever you are building or fixing, if you need topsoil, kaolin, masonry sand, stones or asphalt, we have it – and we will haul it. G.L. Williams & Daughter has been in business for more than 55 years because we meet the gravel and material hauling needs of our customers with fast, dependable service. See for yourself – contact us through our website or call 803-663-3715. We provide sand hauling, gravel hauling and material hauling for a variety of needs in the Aiken, SC and Augusta, GA areas.